Am I allowed to keep my record in digital format only?

This answer applies to pilots with a licence issued by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA.

Yes. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA officially audited and approved Premium. This means you do not have to keep a paper logbook anymore if you choose to keep your flight records with Premium.

Please note that this is not the case for other software and tools, home-built Excel sheets or the like.

What is the difference between the FOCA dLogbook and Premium?

The FOCA dLogbook covers the minimum requirements for electronic recording of flights. With Premium you get all FOCA dLogbook features, as well as additional 40+ premium features for a true paperless experience. You find more information about their differences here.

What is the price of the FOCA dLogbook and why are there higher prices on the web site of

The FOCA dLogbook and all its features are included in the price of Premium. If you want to only use the FOCA dLogbook, you can choose between 3 months (CHF 5.-), 12 months (CHF 15.-) and 36 months (CHF 30.-). Premium includes all features of the FOCA dLogbook and offers additional features like currency/recency overview, auto-import from OPS and reservation tools, licence view and rating monitoring, statistics, charts and many more.

To find out whether these additional features are of use to you, activate your free 30 day trial and get to know Premium. The pricing can be found here.

Is there a mobile App?

A mobile App is being developed for Android and iOS and will be available soon. The App synchronises your existing flight data with our servers when you are online and provides offline support.

As with the Web App there will be additional features available within the app for users who have activated Premium.

Submit your email here to be among the first to be informed when our brand-new app for iOS and Android becomes available.

Can I record airplane, helicopter, sailplane and balloon time?

Yes. Every account has one digital pilot logbook for each category.

What is Auto-Import and how can I benefit from it?

The Auto-Import fetches your flights directly from schools, clubs or airline operators and continually imports them into your Premium logbook. No more need to enter data manually, you just receive a notification and confirm the data.

Can I import flights from a file or other electronic sources into my logbook?

Yes. We do import data from CSV/Excel files, also generated from other tools, for users of This service is offered for free to users with a Premium subscription or trial.

You can send the files with flights and simulator sessions to this address for import.

Please note that based on the workload at the time of your request it might take some time to complete the import.

How do I switch from paper to the digital logbook?

It is recommended to digitalize as much of your flight experience as possible.

Alternatively, you can make use of initial values and record your data on your own. Just pick a date, enter the totals up to this date as initial values and start recording later flights. This can be repeated (e.g. year by year) until all flights have been entered.

Can I digitalize my paper logbook?

Yes. offers a digitalization service. Please contact us for more details.

How is my data processed and stored?

Your data is processed and stored with the highest level of care in Data Centers in Switzerland and backed up regularly under the regulations of the GDPR. Your data is not sent to or accessible by anyone (including authorities) except with your permission or if required by law. For more information, see our Data Protection Declaration.

May I record multiple legs as one entry?

Yes. strongly builds upon the EASA regulations which do allow such batch records in exactly specified cases. Just use the flight marker "Series of Flights".

AMC1 FCL.050 (f): "[...] provided that if an aircraft carries out a number of flights upon the same day returning on each occasion to the same place of departure and the interval between successive flights does not exceed 30 minutes, such series of flights may be recorded as a single entry."

Can an instructor sign my flight and simulator records?

Yes. Flights and FSTD sessions can be signed by instructors or examiners directly on tablets or smart phones. Just select the records and either collect the signature directly on your device or invite the signatory by email to sign the records later on their own device.

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